The revolutionary new Yoga block and meditation seat all rolled up in one clever design

No more slouching or perching uncomfortably on the edge of a regular block, Buttafly offers the perfect support for effortless cross-legged sitting with good posture to help you get the most out of your practice

Transform your posture with Buttafly

Uniquely designed to complement the shape of the body, Buttafly aims to support the pelvis so that the sitting bones take our weight just as nature intended.

The indent at the back avoids all pressure upon the base of the spine so that the whole length of the backbone feels light and free. And the gently sloping upper surface means that the pelvis automatically comes into a neutral position making it easy for you to sit up well with good posture and creating room for a free and easy breath. There is specially designed space for the feet too!

The Range

The Buttafly comes in three models


Buttafly Standard is the same height as a regular rectangular Yoga block – 5cms high at the front edge and is generally more suitable for those with greater flexibility of the hips. The upper surface is gently cushioned for greater comfort. Its gentle curves and the wedge shape also make it a supremely comfortable and versatile prop for restorative postures and Yin Yoga.



Buttafly Tall is 10cms at the front edge, the same height as two regular Yoga blocks stacked together. Generally speaking, it is more comfortable for those who are not quite so flexible in the hips so that in the cross-legged position the knees are much higher than the hips and well away from the floor. The upper surface is gently cushioned for greater comfort.



Buttafly Flat does not have a sloping upper surface and is designed for use in combination underneath either of the other two models to provide additional height. It can also be used as a versatile prop.


The EASIER you make it for the body to sit comfortably in cross-legged position, the better. When the body is comfortable, the nervous system relaxes and this has a profound effect on every aspect of our being, releasing tension and  re-establishing optimal alignment with little or no perceived effort from yourself.
Sitting on blocks almost higher than you might think you need can really help the body to relax and and open so that with in no time at all you can then sit on a lower support comfortably and with good posture too.
 click here to find out more about how to use Buttafly as a prop 


Beyond sitting

Buttafly is perfectly shaped for supporting the limbs in reclining postures

Buttafly allows the body to fully relax, and facilitates a gentle stretch if desired in restorative poses. The wedge shape of the Buttafly, when used cross-ways accommodates the natural shape of the legs (especially the thighs), and when used long-ways the wedge shape can be used to facilitate or restrain rotation of the limbs to achieve comfort and flexibility.


“I have just received my Buttafly – it is simply wonderful! I started practicing Yoga when I was 26, I am 71 now and have a hip replacement.

The lotus position was never easy for me. On the Buttafly, I am sitting better than I ever remember doing and I can’t thank you enough!”

Valerie Bracken

“Initially I was a little skeptical about the potential benefits of the Buttafly and so it was to my great surprise that I was able to experience a sense of space at the base of the spine… It provided an openness and lightness in the sitting position. I have already put in my order and shall not hesitate to recommend this product to others.”

Val Goodier, Poole

“I love to sit for meditation, and am generally a floor dweller whenever possible. However as I have gotten older it’s more and more difficult to be comfortable for long. So, when I settled onto the Buttafly for the first time, I was amazed and delighted at how incredibly comfortable I felt – and continued to feel afterwards – light and balanced and effortless.”

Jane Bennett, Melbourne