Buttafly Affiliate Programme

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Are you a teacher of Yoga or meditation, or a Yoga therapist?

We invite you to join our Buttafly Affiliate Programme. As a member, you will be given a unique code that your students can use to obtain a 5% basket discount; at the same time, you will benefit from a commission of each sale made on your account.

To apply, please provide the following details:

IyengarAshtangaSivanandaYinPranayamaChantingYoga Nidra

Your only commitment is to purchase one of the Starter Packs:

• Basic Starter Pack – 1 x Flat, 1 x Standard, 1 x Tall Buttafly in choice of colours £88 including P&P
• Premium Starter Pack – 2 x Flat, 4 x Standard, 2 x Tall in choice of colours £222 including P&P

(Other packages with discounts can be arranged as long as they contain at least one of each model of the Buttafly.)