"Simply wonderful..."


Having had a chronic pelvic injury for nearly 30 years and needing frequent treatment to stabilise the area I am delighted with effects of the Buttafly. Not only was a 7 month jolt injury rectified over two sessions on this aid but with just two 10 minute sessions daily my pelvic area feels more stable and pain free than for many years. My husband who also has a similar injury has also noticed significant improvement and reports a reduction in pain in both his shoulder and knee. Louise is an empathic and knowledgeable professional and whether you speak to her direct or use the website videos and email, I know you will get the consummate and thorough service I received. At the end of the day,  once used, the product speaks for itself – it has revolutionised my life providing an opportunity for treatment whenever I need, help me to take control of my own physical well being… What could be better?

I’m a facilitator of relaxation and meditation and came across the Buttafly at the Summer Gathering last weekend. Posture is often over looked and to find such a simple and convenient cushion/prop that promotes correct pelvic and spine alignment whilst unloading the sacrum was a real find. 

The specific sacral release posture in lying with the Buttafly gave a significant sense of grounded-ness and aided in deep relaxation methods for me and others who tried the Buttafly during the festival. 

Thank you for your hard work and determination bringing this to market. It’s very much needed. 


Simon is a strong advocate for the Buttafly and here at the Manchester Yoga Show in May 2016, he says why…