"Simply wonderful..."


I’m a facilitator of relaxation and meditation and came across the Buttafly at the Summer Gathering last weekend. Posture is often over looked and to find such a simple and convenient cushion/prop that promotes correct pelvic and spine alignment whilst unloading the sacrum was a real find. 

The specific sacral release posture in lying with the Buttafly gave a significant sense of grounded-ness and aided in deep relaxation methods for me and others who tried the Buttafly during the festival. 

Thank you for your hard work and determination bringing this to market. It’s very much needed. 

Simon is a strong advocate for the Buttafly and here at the Manchester Yoga Show in May 2016, he says why…

The Buttafly is in my opinion a genius development which is very practical (light, small, portable) and helps to sit for a long time in a healthy position. On other cushions I always had to force myself to sit straight, and then got tired after some time. The Buttafly helps me to sit naturally straight without the need to force oneself. Combined with the Buttafly I received a lesson from Louise James about the spine and ergonomics of the human body which helped me to get a deeper understanding about how the spine works and where back pain comes from, and how to correct certain things to avoid back pain and tensions in the back and neck from happening. I was suffering since a longer time from tensions in the neck and a un-straight spine and her teachings helped a lot so that this problem got solved. The Buttafly can not only be used to sit on it but also for an exercise in lying which helps with the back as well. The seat together with the teaching made a great difference for me and I can recommend it to anyone who searches for a way to sit comfortably or who suffers from back pain or tension in the back/neck.