More than just a yoga block...

The revolutionary seat and prop for Yoga and Meditation

Quite simply, I am passionate about helping people reach their full potential in life.

In my work as a Chartered Physiotherapist, complimentary practitioner and Yoga teacher I have been introduced to a multitude of tools that help us find ease in life no matter our particular circumstances. Sadly though many are under-used because people don’t know about them and when we don’t know about something, we don’t know to look!

The role of any health care practitioner is as an educator as well as a minister of treatment and care. To this end, I’m an ardent fan of healthcare models that serve to teach us of the mind, body, spirit connection for I believer that in understanding this, half the battle is won.

There has never been any doubt in my mind of the superiority of a holistic approach and my foray into the world of Yoga serves to deepen both my understanding and commitment. I know that becoming aware of physical sensations in our body can be a powerful way to connect with a deeper sense of self and that this is fundamental to realising all that life has to offer and all we have to offer life.

Five years ago I designed the Buttafly as a seat for sitting cross legged on the floor for Yoga and meditation, with the aim of making this position more accessible, more comfortable and ultimately more beneficial.

What initially I conceived to be a secondary gain of the design – lying in supine with the Buttafly carefully positioned to off-load the base of the spine – has almost taken precedence as people from all walks of life attest to the benefits.

As an old-school Physio, trained in the days when massage was a key skill, it has taken me a while to get my head around the idea that something quite extraordinary can happen when we lie down for just 5 minutes on a fancy-shaped piece of foam but the obvious physical changes, the spontaneous tears of many who try it and the countless positive testimonials are well documented.

Talks are now underway with other professionals and Universities with the aim of setting up clinical trials to research the effects of using the Buttafly in this way, explore what these might mean for symptoms and measure the benefits on flexibility, mobility and sports performance.

Meanwhile I continue to delve ever more deeply into understanding the innate healing systems of the body. It’s  an exciting journey!

Yours in good health x