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Are you a teacher of Yoga or meditation, or a Yoga therapist?

We invite you to join “Kaleidoscope”, our Buttafly Affiliate Programme. Designed by Physiotherapist and Yoga teacher TillyLou James, the Buttafly was originally conceived in her quest to find a more comfortable alternative to the regular rectangular Yoga block.

Since its launch over 3 years ago, it is now the Yoga block of choice for meditation and Yoga teachers across the UK who are passionate about the benefits of good posture and overall well-being.

As a member of Kaleidoscope, you will be given a unique code that your students can use to obtain a 5% discount when purchasing the Buttafly; at the same time, you will benefit from a 5% commission of each sale made on your account!*

How do I apply?

To apply for Kaleidoscope, please provide us with the following details and we will be in touch very soon.

Beth from Yogalates London

“I love introducing new Yogalates clients of mine to the Buttafly.  Seeing their faces light up as their posture transforms, allowing them to sit comfortably in a traditionally Eastern seated pose that would usually require more openness in the hips.  The Buttafly affords many of my clients, especially beginners to Yoga and Pilates, confidence with Yoga postures that may feel very alien to them.  It’s also incredibly versatile and can assist in a number of other postures.  What it does in releasing spinal tension for a lot of clients suffering from back pain is phenomenal”

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*Affiliate Sales will be added up at the end of every month,  you will be due 5% commission of the product sales after 2 months.

Image of Beth Morgan provided by KRod Photography