More than just a yoga block...

The revolutionary seat and prop for Yoga and Meditation

"I'd happily recommend the buttafly"

"It is truly amazing!"

"What a wonderful product"

"The product speaks for itself"

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Absolutely indispensable

“I have been using my Buttafly for over a year now and find it indispensable in my practice. I’m a registered Yoga teacher in Scotland.”
Mary Nelson

Simple, effective and versatile

“Like all good things the Buttafly is simple, effective and versatile. It goes to the Yoga class with me and helps me with the most basic of poses such as sitting in alignment and opening my chest and shoulders. I am a habitual sloucher and huncher and so it comes as no surprise that I have lower back pain – the Buttafly is super effective at relieving it. It also comes to festivals and picnics, anywhere where I find myself sitting on the ground for any length of time where it greatly relieves the discomfort. I know that I have only scratched the surface of its uses in terms of alleviating long term injuries, many caused by poor posture. In short I think my Buttafly blocks are brilliant and they are backed up by a great teacher in TillyLou. Thank you.”
Ted Walker

Great for alignment and comfort

“The Buttafly is one of the best supports I’ve used for sitting posture – it’s great for alignment and comfort and also has a multitude of uses. Thank you.”
Neil Oliver

Truly amazing

“It is truly amazing. I have finally tried it on my body on today’s Yoga Show! It’s so helpful. I suffer from chronic lower back pain and already it helped me. I will definitely be using it daily. Thank you so much x”
Kasia Kowalska-Trela

Incredible piece of equipment

“Having suffered with lower back pain for some time it is such a relief to have much less pain on a daily basis all due to this incredible piece of equipment. Thank you so much”
Lis Stokes

Worth every penny!

“I’m loving using my Buttafly for Yoga and meditation. It’s really helping with my core and posture. Worth every penny!”
Kaz White

I am a great enthusiast!

“My friend and I attended one of Louise’s sessions at the London Yoga Show in October and were so impressed we immediately bought a standard Buttafly each….Since using the Buttafly regularly my long standing sacroiliac pain has disappeared so I am a great enthusiast!”
Jacqui Matthews

My favourite purchase!

“This product is 100% my favourite purchase from the Om Yoga Show Manchester 2017! I currently suffer with chronic lower back pain, a mixture of bad posture, weak core muscles and sitting all day at work. The difference when I tried it the first time was incredible. The pain I usually experience is constant but when I was lying on the Buttafly, allowing my spine to re-align, it disappeared! It allowed my overworked muscle to release tension and let my back flatten totally to the mat after 5 minutes of use. I’m hoping with regular daily use my posture will improve, my back pain will disappear forever and reduce the inflammation of joints in my spine. TillyLou was also lovely and very honest & helpful (which is so refreshing when searching for a “cure”).”
Katie Cornish

It was amazing how quickly I could feel the difference

“I find as a keyboard based worker that my back often gets achey towards the end of the day, and that’s how it was when I went to see Louise to check out the Buttafly. After a quick look at me in standing, Louise soon had me lying on the floor with the Buttafly positioned in a comfortable position so that my back was tilted up away from the floor. She told me she wanted me to lie there for around four minutes but even within a minute or so I could start to feel my back settling into a more comfortable profile, and the tension was easing.

It was amazing how quickly I could feel the difference as my body adjusted deeply to the new alignment. When I laid back flat on the floor I could feel how much my shape had changed, and it was even more obvious when I stood up, as you can see from the photos. It’s amazing how having the right support can adjust your posture.”

Rob Dewing

It’s invaluable

“I use the Buttafly in the supine position to get deep relaxation of the hip flexors. So effective is the release that tears flowed the very first time I tried it. As a Thai Massage Practitioner I take my Buttafly everywhere I go, it’s invaluable.”

Ernest Bryden, Thai Massage Therapist

My Buttafly is special

“I take my Buttafly with me everywhere I go! I don’t care if I forget my toothbrush – I can always buy another! But my Buttafly is special – as soon as I reach my hotel, I refresh myself by lying down with it tucked under my pelvis and just love the feeling of my spine unravelling!”

Ingvild S Prestegard, Dru Yoga teacher, Bergen, Norway

It has revolutionised my life

“Having had a chronic pelvic injury for nearly 30 years and needing frequent treatment to stabilise the area I am delighted with effects of the Buttafly. Not only was a 7 month jolt injury rectified over two sessions on this aid but with just two 10 minute sessions daily my pelvic area feels more stable and pain free than for many years. My husband who also has a similar injury has also noticed significant improvement and reports a reduction in pain in both his shoulder and knee. Louise is an empathic and knowledgeable professional and whether you speak to her direct or use the website videos and email, I know you will get the consummate and thorough service I received. At the end of the day,  once used, the product speaks for itself – it has revolutionised my life providing an opportunity for treatment whenever I need, help me to take control of my own physical well being… What could be better?”

JoRae, Alchemy Woman

Just love it!

“An amazing prop. I use it all the time and bring it with me when I travel! Just love it!”

Marija Kovandzic, Yoga Teacher

Fantastic lightweight block

“I have a chronic lower spine I’m hyper mobile…this fantastic lightweight block has improved my daily comfort immeasurably by realigning my pelvis every time it ‘off centres’. And Louise James gave me as much time as I needed to try it out, along with expert guidance and assistance..thank you!”

Jo Shimmy

Simple and convenient cushion/prop

“I’m a facilitator of relaxation and meditation and came across the Buttafly at the Summer Gathering last weekend. Posture is often overlooked and to find such a simple and convenient cushion/prop that promotes correct pelvic and spine alignment whilst unloading the sacrum was a real find. 

The specific sacral release posture in lying with the Buttafly gave a significant sense of grounded-ness and aided in deep relaxation methods for me and others who tried the Buttafly during the festival. 

Thank you for your hard work and determination bringing this to market. It’s very much needed.”

Carl Simmons

Really happy with my purchase

“After trying this for a few minutes your body feels like it melts into the ground and you feel so relaxed and realigned. Thank you very much! Really happy with my purchase.”

Kamila Weronika Katarzyna Trela