More than just a yoga block...

The revolutionary seat and prop for Yoga and Meditation

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Buttafly…


The marketeers want to pigeon hole the Buttafly but it doesn’t fit into one and that’s that!

Prompted by my own struggle to get comfortable, I designed the Buttafly as a seat for Yoga and meditation. I remember the first time I held the finished article, running my fingers along its curved edges and admiring how the shape, which was designed for function was actually quite beautiful too. Not for the first time I pondered the relationship between form and function – a circular argument that likes to tease my brain – and then, without even really noticing it as an idea, wondered what it would be like to lie on. It felt wonderful – both at the time and afterwards, much as with a treatment from a great practitioner. You just know it’s done you good!

This discovery has proved to be a happy accident with many people reaping untold benefits.

So, yes, the Buttafly is a seat. It’s also a Yoga block. And it’s a unique tool for you to treat your own back.

To squeeze the Buttafly into one box would clip its wings, so we are not going to do that and just hope that we create a website that you can navigate your way around with ease and find what you are looking for. Please bear with us while we make some sweeping changes.

Yours in Yoga


The Range

The Buttafly comes in 3 models


The Standard Buttafly is the most versatile. It is 5 cms high at the front edge – the same height as a regular rectangular Yoga block – and works well in sitting on the floor for those people who are more supple. It can also be used on a chair to help with postural correction, balance and core strengthening exercises. There are many different ways in which to use it as a prop for Yoga and Pilates and it is the one we recommended for back care. It accommodates all sizes of pelvis regardless of weight – the variation in the size of the pelvis can between individuals can be compared to the differences in hand size.



The Tall Buttafly is 10 cms at the front edge, the same height as two regular Yoga blocks stacked together and also similar in height to a bolster. Generally speaking, it is more comfortable for those who are not so flexible in the hips. Like the Standard Buttafly there are also many positions the Tall one can be effectively used as a Yoga block and prop. We do not recommend using the Tall Buttafly for the back care in lying.



The Flat Buttafly does not have a sloping upper surface and is designed for use as a “stacker” or a “riser” to be used under the Standard or the Tall Buttafly to provide additional height in sitting. It is 5 cms high and can also be used as a versatile prop.


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“I have just received my Buttafly – it is simply wonderful! I started practicing Yoga when I was 26, I am 71 now and have a hip replacement.

The lotus position was never easy for me. On the Buttafly, I am sitting better than I ever remember doing and I can’t thank you enough!”

Valerie Bracken

“Initially I was a little skeptical about the potential benefits of the Buttafly and so it was to my great surprise that I was able to experience a sense of space at the base of the spine… It provided an openness and lightness in the sitting position. I have already put in my order and shall not hesitate to recommend this product to others.”

Val Goodier, Poole

“I love to sit for meditation, and am generally a floor dweller whenever possible. However as I have gotten older it’s more and more difficult to be comfortable for long. So, when I settled onto the Buttafly for the first time, I was amazed and delighted at how incredibly comfortable I felt – and continued to feel afterwards – light and balanced and effortless.”

Jane Bennett, Melbourne